We’re specialists. We focus all our attention on the automotive industry and we believe that this is the most effective way to deliver the very best service for our clients. Our experience spans from product tests and launches to dealer education and customer engagement.


Using your company culture, brand ethos and motivations, Limitless offers bespoke corporate driving experiences that are relatable and offer learning opportunities. With a global reach and unique relationships with venues, we can offer your company rare events with unbeatable budgets.


If you are demonstrating your products in a real life environment, you want the vehicles you’re using are prepared and maintained to the highest standards. That’s why we have our own fleet of performance vehicles, designed for use on circuit and in the field.

Limitless Services

Automotive Events

Automotive Events

Events are about showcasing brands and ultimately driving sales. We deliver exceptional levels of engagement and data acquisition. Learn more

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Our on track programme is modified and refined to suit your event objectives, be it staff incentives or relationship building. From thrilling dynamic handling to reaction timed challenges and more, participants benefit from an environment that is focused, energised and fun!

Data Management

Data Management

Limitless has invested in a complex, re-skinable platform, customisable to your brand needs enabling clients to reach record-busting data capture figures. It seamlessly manages check-in, individual schedules; and provides immaculate data post-event. Learn more

Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

Budgets are finite. With our modular garage systems, branding hardware and equipment, designed with complete flexibility in mind, Limitless makes yours go further. Learn more

Track Car Hire

Track Car Hire

We have our own fleet of performance vehicles which enables us to demonstrate a wide variety of products with total confidence in preparation and maintenance. Vehicles available range from the handling benchmark Caterham to the jaw-dropping Lamborghini Gallardo and many more.

Fulvio mussi limitless director

Fulvio Mussi


Managing a clients expectations and budget isn’t quite as straight forward as you’d imagine. However, if you’ve been the client, the agency, the customer and the supplier, you’re in an excellent position. This is what differentiates Fulvio and Limitless. Unrivalled experience.

limitless team


We are Limitless.

We’re the highest graded race instructors in the UK and the most experienced automotive brand ambassadors. We know cars and we know people. We’re specialists. We’re influencers with integrity.

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