Goodwood Festival of Speed

Project Description

The Goodwood Hill Climb. One of the most iconic motorsport events in the annual calendar and it is a privilege for Limitless to be involved in this event each year.

This year, to celebrate the manufacturers support of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a full day on the hill was set aside to showcase vehicles in the current range and it was our absolute pleasure to represent both Jeep and Alfa Romeo from the FCA Group of brands.

YouTube, Bloggers and Social Media Influencers

Supporting Press and Public Relations activity has seen a marked change in recent years with the importance of engaging with professionals in the new media sector now as important as working closely with the OG journalists and print media representatives that have been the staple loud-hailers for the automotive sector since the days of Henry Ford.

This change has affected our delivery of dynamic driving activities in an exciting way – offering new opportunities for young professional drivers to enter the game on a very high profile stage.

It’s important to us at Limitless that when we support manufactures with our professional driving team that we correctly pair them with the participant – be they a very experienced race licence holder, a complete novice or any proficiency on that spectrum.

With three awesome vehicles from both Jeep and Alfa Romeo to showcase in each run up ‘The Hill’, selecting drivers from our team was an exercise in understanding the guests coming for a spin.

Wrangler 1941. Iconic and sporty – to some a surprising choice for a Hill Climb car but with it’s striking canary yellow beach buggy look, it certainly caught the attention of the crowd on a perfect day to lift the lid and get the wind in your hair!

Track Hawk. Well, this wolf in sheep’s clothing certainly captured the attention of the commentary team at Goodwood with mind boggling power in an off-road beast. Smiles all round from the guests who were trying this vehicle for the very first time. Lewis and Seb completed TEAM JEEP and with their mix of on and off-road coaching experience and their total ease in the presence of vlogging cameras and incriminating microphones, they were the perfect choice.

There’s always a fracas when it comes to Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and the winners of Goodwood this year were Luke and Bobby. Whilst many of our guests took advantage of the chance to get professional coaching, driving themselves up the hill, some saw the opportunity to have a rare thrill ride at Goodwood – a passenger ride with a bona fide racing driver on Goodwood Hill is undeniably the best way to experience the 100,000 crowd that are cheering you on your 80 second thrill ride.

And lastly, the simply stunning Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadfrioglio. Seán spent the day making sure that this unassuming SUV didn’t catch any of our guests out when they pushed the pedal to the metal! 

36 trips from bottom to top, What a day.

Project Details

  • Client: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  • Event Objectives: Demonstrate the range of vehicles on high profile stage; coach drivers through their hill climbs; entertain the 100,000 trackside spectators
  • Website: 

£90,000 Alfa Romeo Racing Giulia Quadrifoglio makes debut at FOS